Rear-End Collisions

Employing space management techniques helps enable a professional truck driver to stay accident-free. Utilizing space management means keeping the areas around your vehicle (the front, both sides, and the rear) free of other vehicles to allow for better, easier, and safer maneuvering.

While rear-end collisions generally do not occur with as great of frequency as some other types of accidents, their cost is considerably higher because they often result in bodily injuries.

To avoid rear-end collisions remember to:
  • Keep at least six (6) seconds following distance under normal traffic conditions. Add additional time for poor weather, road, and traffic conditions. As your speed increases and/or as driving conditions change, add one (1) or more seconds on to the distance from the vehicle ahead of you.
  • As yourself, “What if?” Be prepared for sudden traffic stops and vehicles cutting in front of you. What would your response be?
  • Remain in lanes designated for truck traffic and adjust your speed with the flow of traffic. Avoid changing lanes frequently.
  • Give the right-of-way instead of taking it.
  • Leave room ahead, behind, and alongside your vehicle for better maneuvering.
  • Use extra caution in construction zones, especially when lane closures are involved. Vehicles ahead can come to an abrupt stop!
  • Always operate your vehicle in a safe and professional manner.
As stated earlier, rear-end collisions are generally costly in nature and often involve injuries. A professional truck driver must always maintain a safe following distance from vehicles ahead. This will allow greater reaction time to changing situations. Remember, it takes longer to stop a commercial motor vehicle than it does a passenger vehicle.
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