Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Portal

How do I gain access to the portal?
Is there a Portal for Insureds?

Yes, and they can gain access here: Insured Portal Access Request.

How do I reset my login information (username/password)?

Select "Click Here" on the Portal Login Screen. Follow the prompts to receive your information.

Why didn't I receive my password reset/dual-factor authentication email?

First, check your SPAM and Junk email folders. If not there, please contact our Service Desk and they will assist you.

What can I do on the Portal?
  • Access monthly commission statements
  • Submit an application
  • See insured information
  • and much more...
Why can't I see all of the policies I need to see?

You may not have the right type of access. Contact the Portal Admin at your agency (most agencies with multiple branches should have one), or

Can we add and remove portal access for our personnel?

Yes, the Portal Administrator has the ability to add, edit which areas of the portal users are able to view, select which branches (locations), and delete users.

What does this message mean? "Error - “User is not licensed in the state”

A user will get this error when they do not select a producer who is appointed with Stonewood/Falls Lake National. This does NOT mean that the agency does not have access to the state. Please select an appointed producer to continue.

For a detailed walkthrough of the portal:
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